Artwedo facilitates connections between operators and lovers
of visual arts, design and professional photography.

It's open to everyone and completely free!

the Artwedo project is totally focused on you. Whether you are an artist established or emerging in search of new contacts, a private gallery or a public museum, a journalist or a lover of openings and their free drinks, we provide all the tools to grow your relationships and get to know your work.

We like real life, so we want to build hubs of concrete relations and opportunities. We want to help you build and strengthen your professional opportunities, but we would like to keep an eye on emerging creatives, with the intent of create real opportunities of growing up with special events.
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How it works

Register and complete your profile. Do not forget to indicate the city where you live or where you feel the most interest. The more information you add, the more chance you have to be found by the others who don't know you.
Start now to add your events, see what happens near you and save in your personal agenda the events that interest you. Participate and provide your contributions by posting your photos and writing your reviews.
Start new relationships, find people that interest you, depending on their profile or city. Invite your friends to sign up and follow you. Interact with them and see what happens in their network of friendships.
An event has impressed you, positively or negatively? Write your review. You have the opportunity to get noticed by others and be evaluated. The more you write, the more your work inspires interest, the more your popularity increases.
Use your space to write your articles, express your thoughts or post your photos. You may also create your own private groups to discuss what you want with whomever you want.